Art by Luis-Genaro Garcia Copyright 2014
Art by Luis-Genaro Garcia

Luis-Genaro Garcia is an artist and high school art teacher in South Central Los Angeles currently pursuing a PhD in education at Claremont Graduate University.  He draws from his upbringing of growing up in a single parent household and schooling experiences to challenge traditional approaches to art education. These experiences have influenced him to teach at his alma mater, Thomas Jefferson high school.

As an artist , he draws from the socio-political subject matter of Jose Guadalupe Posada and David Alfaro Siqueiros to paint in a "Social Surrealist" style that depicts working class people through metaphorical concepts. As an educator he teaches the arts through a social justice curriculum that accounts and validates the ethnic, personal, and historical experiences of working class students.

"Rather than teaching students how to improve their artistic skills and abilities, a meaningful art education should teach students to use the arts as forms of resistance to current institutional barriers that exist in working class environments."

Luis Genaro Garcia  ~             

Jefferson High-  Class of 1996 "Demo Pride,  East Side"