Artwork of Luis Genaro Garcia
Public Art & Social Change

                                     "Keep the Faith" (2006)
Luis Genaro Garcia

As a first generation Mexican -American in Los Angeles, Luis-Genaro  draws upon the social subject-matter of Jose Guadalupe Posada & David Alfaro Siqueiros to reflect a modernized concept of social surrealism. His work, a combination of two backgrounds; a 1st generation Mexican-American raised in South Los Angeles, and an educator focused on social change through art pedagogy, has gradually transformed from reflecting injustice through the popular culture of  Dia de los Muertos to a contemporary “social realism and surrealism,” referencing institutional injustice of minorities.

Today Luis-Genaro, an art teacher at his alma mater, Thomas Jefferson High school, and a Master of Public Art Studies from the University of Southern California, uses  an art-based methodology of civic engagement along with Paulo Freire’s theory of Critical Pedagogy. His focus: to challenge and change the educational limitations of urban students through the use of public art and civic engagement.

"Social Change begins in the classroom and continues in the streets."

 Luis Genaro Garcia  ~             

Jefferson High-  Class of 1996 "Demo Pride,  East Side!"